G&S Shutter Designs is proud to share Polycore Plantation Shutters with Hawaii consumers!  Polycore Shutters are the world's only solid synthetic plantation shutters with a co-extruded aluminum core.  This aluminum core plantation shutter is the most durable and structurally strong shutter on the market today.  Polycore Shutters have a baked on waterborne paint, and are both fire retardant and moisture resistant.  You will never need to repaint your Polycore Shutters because the paint is baked on unlike other types of shutters.   Hawaii has some of the most ferocious elements in the world, and we are enthusiastic about the resiliency and longevity of our Polycore Shutters.  In addition to offering a high insulation value against the heat and cold, they are easy to clean & maintain, and come with a 25-year warranty.  G&S Shutter Designs is proud to guarantee that our Polycore Shutters will never warp, crack, chip or peel.

    G&S Shutter Designs

G&S Shutter Designs is a Hawaii distributor of Sunland Shutters.  After several years of research and development, Sunland Shutters successfully mastered the art of co-extrusion, combining PVC and a aluminum core.  All of our plantation shutters' rails, stiles, and louvers are reinforced with an aluminum core.  The aluminum reinforced louvers prevent sagging in wider panels which often occur in other shutter types.  We have the strongest panels in the industry today allowing our panels to reach up to 36" in width.  Our Polycore Plantation Shutters are made with pure quality and craftsmanship making it an easy choice as the plantation shutter for your home.